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How to explore Paris

Hemos hablado de qué explorar en París, pero ahora nos tenemos que preguntar, ¿cómo moverse dentro de esta gran ciudad? Gran parte de la magia de conocer una ciudad proviene de la forma en las que uno se mueve de un lugar a otro, y hacer que tu viaje sea toda una experiencia! Hay muchas maneras de visitar y desplazarse por la ciudad de la luz. A continuación te mostramos algunas de nuestras favoritas.

Set sail!

In the past rivers determined the locations of some of the world’s major cities as they were used to transport commerce, this includes Paris which is built around the river Seine. Traveling through Paris by river is a magical experience, giving breath-taking new perspectives of the most iconic landmarks whilst also revealing some of the city’s hidden treasures.

There are numerous companies that offer boat trips on the Seine, but one of our favourites is Batobus. Batobus drops anchor in nine locations across the city, and thanks to their hop-on hop-off policy, you are free explore to each area of the city at your leisure before setting sail to your next destination. They offer a range of day pass and annual pass offers, making them amazing value for money too!

« A Paris à vélo on dépasse les autos »

You may have heard talk of the journée sans voiture where Parisians left their car keys at home and made of the most of the chance to discover the town on their bicycles. The Car-Free day may only be an annual event, but that’s certainly not to stop you from pedalling through Paris the whole year round! The options are endless, with bike rental available in park areas such Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes providing adventure on wheels for the whole family; whereas the savvy cyclists might want to make the most of the Velib’bike hire scheme to explore Paris via its cycle paths

Take to the pavement

What is wonderful about Paris is that every street in this major European city has its own community feel. This is something that you can really appreciate when exploring on foot. Although it may not be feasible to reach all of your destinations this way (Paris is quite big after-all!), by hitting the pavements and seeing where your feet take you, you can quite easily find yourself off-piste of the tourist trail, immersing yourself the unique personality of each arrondissement and basking in the majesty of the architecture.

When in Paris…

…do as the Parisians do! Somehow the Paris metro is iconic, maybe it’s the Art Nouveau signage that does it. But if there’s one way to really feel like a Parisian, it’s taking the metro. Paris has a super speedy and easy-to-use metro system: tickets are generally bought in 10 packs from the station machines and each ticket is worth one journey within Paris, no matter what the length of that journey may be. If you find the metro map to be puzzling and beyond comprehension, you can plan your metro trip in advance and then play the part of a Parisian public transport veteran on the day.

Happy exploring!


Written by Hati Whiteley for Kinder Exchange