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Become a Coordinator

Kinder Exchange is looking for Coordinators Abroad

You live in Germany, Spain, Ireland, …or simply, you are a citizen of the world.

Coordinators are the most important point of contact for families who want to offer their kids an opportunity to participate in a language and cultural exchange. Counselling, mediation, a strong work ethic with a meticulous approach, and a friendly, positive, optimistic, outgoing personality are all part of the job. You help families and young people enjoy the most exciting moments of their life by keeping them safe and happy and providing the environment to succeed in a language and cultural exchange program abroad.

Your responsibilities as a Coordinator:

You receive on-going support from our Head office in France. This covers training and advice on a variety of challenging roles. These roles vary from developing a social network in your country, answering requests for an exchange from French and international families, checking registration forms as well as application files, screening host families, and developing proposals to present the most relevant exchange programs to these families.

What does a Local Coordinator do?

  • Prospect schools, high schools, music or sports academy, teachers…in a nutshell build a social network
  • Find teens from 11 to 18 willing to travel to France and to host teens the same age in their own family and country
  • Have a phone call and a video interview with the teen and family
  • Send the necessary paperwork to the families
  • Check the registration form and details provided by the family
  • Send all details to the French coordinator in France and ensure proper follow-up
  • Make sure to provide all necessary information and details to teens and their families

Why be a Local Coordinator?

  • Earn an additional income
  • Being a local coordinator does not take up much of your time – most of our representatives continue working
  • No fixed hours – You are free to choose when to complete the work (calling families, visiting teachers, etc.) even if we expect from you to answer back quickly to families and not make them wait. We expect from you to be professional.

What are the necessary skills to be a Coordinator?

Good relationships
Precision, a strongwork ethic, and punctuality
Strong writing skills in your native language
Good knowledge of social media
Good knowledge of Excel

Terms and Compensation:

A coordinator is either an individual, a small organization or a much bigger structure. They all have in common that they send us teenagers/families on a commission basis. We obtain 95% of our business through coordinators of all types and sizes, and the commission rate can vary from 60% for individuals to 80% for professional agencies and even more for those who send 50 teens or more per year. Typical coordinators are young traveling students or purely scholastic agencies, but anyone with an actionable network and contact list is welcome to join our team if they can come up with the goods!

If you are an individual, please do not consider this invitation to join us as a job application as you will be paid entirely on a commission basis and this will not give you sufficient income to live on unless you send a large number of teens.

Should you be interested in becoming a coordinator, please reach out us by e-mail or by phone :

in Europe – France at +33 6 60 65 50 89