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Kinder Exchange was created in 2011 by Laure Chevalier Colombier in the royal city of Fontainebleau.

Laure Chevalier Colombier

president and founder

Laure Chevalier Colombier is the president and founder of Kinder Exchange. She lives in the beautiful historic town of Fontainebleau, in France. Graduate of a Master in Education Science, Laure worked both as a primary school teacher and for International Privates Companies. She did many trips abroad. Her own teenage son and younger daughter gained so much from travelling abroad that she decided to launch Kinder Exchange.

Valérie Bergère Bosc


Valérie Bergère Bosc is the treasurer of Kinder Exchange. She is French and lived in Berlin for 6 years with her husband and 3 children Guillaume (18), Jules and Pierre (12). As a teenager, she made several linguistic and cultural stays in England. Then at the end of her studies, Valérie also lived 2 years in New York in total immersion. She loved these experiences abroad! Above all, his level of English improved significantly during these full immersions.

Carol Bulmann

Carol Bullman


Carol Martin Bullman Mc Millen has been working with Kinder Exchange since the beginning of our adventure in 2011. She spent 22 years in London and then Bristol . She has two sons. She is originally from Northern Ireland but spent 3 years at school in Brussels. Before having children she went travelling around the world for a year. She has since then travelled widely in Western Europe. "I can't wait to get my backpack on again - it's the variety of culture which makes travel so special. The best way to get to know a country and its people is to totally embrace the experience, it's so rewarding."

Pamina Bohrer

Pamina Bohrer


Pamina Bohrer joins the Kinder exchange team as a coordinator for South Africa. Based in Johannesbourg, she has an MBA at at Edinburgh Business School. She also has been studying languages (French, Italian, German) since high school. Passionate about language and culture, Pamina has traveled widely in many countries and has seen the benefit of cultural immersion for adolescents.