Echanges linguistiques


Below is a list of currently available language and cultural exchanges in France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Each listed child / teen is looking for an exchange buddy in UK, Ireland, the USA or Canada. If you think there is a good match, please e-mail or call us directly at +33 1 660 655 089.

For more details and if you have an exact idea of the exchange you want, we have many opportunities and partner families across France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and more!

Corentin lives with his parents and 2 sisters (respectively 17 and 12)very close to Rennes, France.

Hobbies: nature, water sports (sailing, windsurfing), and other sports (field hockey, roller-skating). His parents own a boat.

Personality: very curious and eager to learn and discover the world. He is open-minded, spontaneous, and extroverted. He likes spending time with kids. He is sweet, calm, and organized, but also full of life and determined, with a great sense of humor.

Camille lives with her parents and 2 brothers, respectively 19 and 21 very close to Lyon.

Hobbies: crock-climbing, boxing, skiing, and singing.

Personality: mature, enthusiastic, determined, and social.