Echanges linguistiques


What level of security do we guarantee for our language exchange program? And what we do not take into account for our immersion program?


At Kinder Exchange, we take the safety and security of our members very seriously. Please see below, the list of guarantees required from all families before we start :

- Written statement by the exchange parents.
- Written statement by the exchange child.
- Signed approval (on the registration form) from the exchange child’s language teacher.
- At least four photos of the child/teen, family, and accommodation.
- Two moral reference from people who know the exchange family very well.
- In some countries, we ask for the equivalent of the Criminal Record Check.
- A photocopy of the exchange child’s birth certificate.
- A signature of Kinder Exchange’s terms and conditions.

- Relations between the families and the children/teen or student.
- Reservation and purchase of transport tickets for the child.
- Organization and logistics for accommodation and food supply.
- Organization of the outings and visits during the trip.
- Insurance, authorizations, and liabilities for hospitalization and surgical operations.
- Subscription for an insurance covering the risks related to this trip and the exchange