How It Works

What you do for a student exchange : 

1-We invite you to e-mail or call us by phone at 202-509-0811 or directly pre-register on line. We will answer you or call you back by phone as soon as possible. This initial interview will give us a better understanding of your expectations from your child/teenager. It will also help us better guide you through our matching process, and explain how we carefully pair children or teens from various countries.

2-It is also possible to download our Registration form and Terms and Conditions. (Use Google or Mozilla Firefox browser or it might not download) and sent it to us by e-mail.

student exchange3-On the application form, we need as much information as possible in order to find you the most suitable family for your teen or child of the same age and similar hobbies. On the form we also ask you to provide :

  • 1 photo of your teen or child,
  • 1 photo of all the members of the family,
  • 2 photos of the interior of your home, and the exterior (if not an apartment).

We also need contact details for two people (not relatives) who have known your family for a number of years. We will ask them for written references.

4-Finally, once you have all the necesssary documentation,  send it by e-mail with a payment of €-400 (you will have to convert the payment into your currency using the current exchange rate) for the registration fee by bank account transfer  to Kinder Exchange

What we do for a student exchange :

1- Once we receive your registration form, we will study it with care. We will examine our database and work through our contacts until we find a suitable partner child/teenager. We have families in France, China, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

2- We have a Skype or Face Time interview with you and your child or teen if it’s not possible for us to visit you.

3- We then send both families a profile of the partner child/ teen or student exchange.  Once you have agreed, we give you each other’s contact details so that you can link you up. We send you our guideline to a successful exchange. You and the other family contact each other via e-mail or telephone to agree on dates, and then you can go ahead and book your child’s ticket.

4- Our job is to make your child, teen or student exchange easy, enjoyable and safe. If for some reason we cannot find you a suitable family, we will refund your placement fee.