Available Language Exchanges for 2020

Below is a list of currently available language and cultural exchanges in France,  Spain, Italy, Germany and Argentina. Each listed child / teen is looking for an exchange buddy in UK, Ireland, the USA or Canada. If you think there is a good match, please e-mail or call us directly at 202-509-0811

For more details and if you have an exact idea of the exchange you want, we have many opportunities and partner families across France, China, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and more!

Full immersion exchange in France :

Short-term :

Audrey is 15 years old – Paris area
She lives with her parents and her 17 yars old brother in the very famous and nice area of Fontainebleau, very close to Paris.
Hobbies: sporty, she practices tennis at a high level. She is also keen on cooking and singing. She like movies and travelling.
Personality: a very lively person, Audrey is dynamic, postive, independent, talkative, easy-going, and reliable.
Father’s job: I.T . consultant
Mother’s job: pediactric doctor
Possible dates to visit and host: summer 2020
Duration: 2/3 weeks.

Grégoire is almost 17 years old – Paris area
He lives with his parents and his 2 brothers (respectively 9 and 18) in the charming area of Le Vésinet, very close to Paris.
Hobbies : rowing, badminton, cinema, ball games, modern music, biking, hiking, cooking, shopping, pets, and conversation.
Personality : talkative, sociable, calm, enthusiastic, active, easy going, resourceful, a very nice boy.
Mother’s job : Insurance manager
Father’s job : Insurance broker manager
Possible dates to visit and host : Summer 2020

Pierre is 15 years old – French Riviera
Pierre lives with his parents and 11 year-old brother in Mandelieu, on the beautiful French Riviera.
Hobbies: ball games, camping, cycling, hiking, board games, and traveling.
Personality: sporty, easy-going, mature, resourceful, service-minded, and relaxed.
Father’s job: air traffic controller
Mother job: a former sales manager at an airline company, now a happy stay-at-home mom
Possible dates to visit and host: Summer 2020.
Duration: 2 to 3 weeks.

Mathilde is 16 years old – Montpellier
She lives with her 12 year-old brother and her 7 year-old sister very close to Montpellier.
Hobbies : she likes sailing, skiing, cooking, skating, playing badminton, reading, traveling, and hiking.
Personality : talkative, sociable, serious, active, and resourceful.
Father’s job : scholar and lecturer
Mother’s job : English teacher
Possible dates to visit and host : Summer 2029. Please call for more details.

Roxane is 15 years old – Paris area
Roxane lives with her 9 year-old sister and her 5 year-old brother in Fontainebleau (Paris area).
Hobbies : classical dance for 7 years, piano, guitar, traveling, and passionate about languages.
Personality : very sociable and talkative.
His mother is taking care of the children.
His father runs a web startup.
They have a cat.
Possible dates to visit and host : Summer 2020

Long-term (1 month to 6 months) :

Corentin is 15 years old – Brittany
Corentin lives with his parents and 2 sisters (respectively 17 and 12) in Rennes, France.
Hobbies: nature, water sports (sailing, windsurfing), and other sports (field hockey, roller-skating). His parents own a boat.
Personality: very curious and eager to learn and discover the world. He is open-minded, spontaneous, and extroverted. He likes spending time with kids. He is sweet, calm, and organized, but also full of life and determined, with a great sense of humor.
Father’s job: real-estate agent
Mother job: CFO in the food industry
Possible dates to visit and host: 1-month to 6-month exchange

Camille is 15 years old – Lyon area
Camille lives with her parents and 2 brothers, respectively 19 and 21, in Saint-Etienne, close to Lyon.
Hobbies: crock-climbing, boxing, skiing, and singing.
Personality: mature, enthusiastic, determined, and social.
Father’s job: managing director at a HR company
Mother’s job: medical representative
Possible dates to visit and host:  6-month exchange

Full immersion exchange in Spain :

Carla is 13 years old
She lives with her parents and her 10 year-old brother in the very center of Madrid, close to The Museum of the Prado, el Parco del Retiro, Museo Reina Sofia….
Hobbies : violin at the Conservatory, synchronized swimming, theater
Personality : affectionate, mature, and sociable.
Mother’s job : architect
Father’s job : architect
Possible dates to visit and host : summer 2020
Duration: 2 weeks

Gemán is 15 years old
He lives with his parents and his 17 year-old  sister in the beautiful city of Granada, south of Spain.
Hobbies : football, basketball, table tennis, running, ice skating, bicycling.
Personality : calm, easy going, affective and active.
Mother’s job : state-employed
Father’s job : bank worker
Possible dates to visit and host : Summer 2020 and holiday breaks.