Who Are We ?

Laure Colombier ChevalierLaure Colombier Chevalier lives with her husband and children 18 and 15 years old in the beautiful historic town of Fontainebleau, in France. Graduate of a Master in Education Science, Laure worked both as a primary school teacher and for International Privates Companies. She did many trips abroad. Her own teenage son and younger daughter gained so much from travelling abroad that she decided to launch Kinder Exchange.

Carol Bullman has been working with Kinder Exchange since the beginining of the adventure in 2011. She spent 22 years in London where she ran the letting department of an estate agents and managed the refurbishment of several buildings. She has two young sons and now lives in a village in North Somerset in England.

Anne Lise Bighinatti has been living in New York since 2009 and has occupied positions requiring constant attention to the various customs of the world. She strongly believes that cultural awareness and exploration are key to help young people grow. To that respect, she has worked hand in hand with teenagers and young adults to develop non-profit initiatives benefiting local and international communities. Kinder Exchange is another great opportunity to share that mindset and experience with the youth.

Congcong Shang studied in several European cities for her Master degree between 2008 and 2010. After achieving a PhD on Materials Science and Engineering, Congcong lives now with her French husband in Nantes, France. Highly interested in travel, nature and different cultures, she and her husband are always prepared to move to other countries. Congcong realized from her experiences that immersing in foreign families is the most efficient way to learn, think and improve while having fun. She believes Kinder Exchange is a great solution to make immersions happen. She takes care of foreign language and cultural exchanges with China, France and other countries in the world.

Amanda Mitchison lives with her husband and two teenage sons in Bristol, England. Her younger son has benefitted from four exchange visits to France. Amanda writes for the Guardian and the Financial Times and has published five children’s books. As an author, she visits schools dressed as a dragon trainer. She has her own website : amandamitchison.com.

 Hati Whiteley lives in Fontainebleau where she works as an Au Pair. A graduate in French and English with professional experience in the Higher Education sector and the English education system; she is passionate about languages, travel, and the great outdoors. She has taken part in cultural exchanges in Japan, China and France and enjoys sharing her adventures with others through writing and photography.